Reviews, essays and other guest pieces for various SF and political magazines. I don’t publish much non-fiction these days but what there is lives here.

Sanjeev Datt Sharma obituary, in The Guardian – an obituary for my father, published as part of the Guardian’s “Other Lives” series (March 2022)

“An Island of One’s Own” – on religion, language and landscape, for The Willowherb Review (December 2019)

“How To Use Scottish Gaelic In Your Novel: An Example” – a guest post on how to use Gaelic in English-language fiction (complete with excerpts from my novel-in-progress, The Listener’s Book!), at the request of my friend Dr Emily McEwan, at her blog, (May 2019)

“Tread softly, for you tread on your own history: Doctor Who 11×06, ‘Demons of the Punjab'” Doctor Who does the Partition of India (November 2018)

When All This Is History: North London, the Land, and Life with a Neurological Disorder – on cluster headache, land and history, for Catapult (July 2017)

A’ghaillean: on language-learning and the decolonisation of mind“, an essay on being a lapsed Hindi speaker and Gaelic learner, for The Toast (May 2016)

I haven’t been serious about anything since 1918“, in praise of Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries, for The F-Word (March 2015)

Nimoy and Spock: Reflections and Farewells“, a collection of thoughts on the passing of Leonard Nimoy, for Strange Horizons (March 2015)

In praise of Leslie Knope: feminism and small-town politics“, a feminist analysis of Parks and Recreation for The F-Word (December 2013)

The women that they are, a feminist analysis of Call The Midwife for The F-Word (April 2013)

The creation of a narrative frame: the Delhi gang rape and the mainstream media“, for Ultra Violet (March 2013)

Space Station Politics“, for Lashings of Ginger Beer Time (December 2012)

All The Way Out To The Stars“, in Chicks Unravel Time: Women Journey Through Every Season of Doctor Who (2012, Mad Norwegian Press)

Body Politics: Eve Ensler’s Political Poetry, in YM: New Work In Poetry (summer 2011)