Sing For The Coming of the Longest Night

The world you know is underneath the substance of another, with cracks in the firmament that let the light of its magic in…

Layla and Nat have nothing in common but their boyfriend – enigmatic, brilliant Meraud – and their deep mutual dislike. But when Meraud disappears after an ambitious magical experiment goes wrong, they may be the only ones who can follow the trail of cryptic clues that will bring him safely home.

To return Meraud to this world, the two of them will confront every obstacle: the magic of the wild unknowable, a friendly vicar who’s only concerned for their spiritual wellbeing, and even the Thames Water helpline. All of which would be doable, if only they didn’t have to do it together.

But the winter solstice is fast approaching – and once the year turns, Meraud will be lost forever. As buried secrets lead to unexpected revelations, Nat and Layla must find a way to overcome their differences before it’s too late.

This 30,000-word novella was co-written with my friend Katherine Fabian and and came out on December 7th, 2018. Here are some things people have been saying about it:

“Who doesn’t love a good narrative structure that puts two people who don’t like each other in a situation where they have to work together? This novella… is a perfect example.”
–Ask Your Friendly Neighbourhood Lesbrarian, for Autostraddle

“It’s the perfect bookish holiday gift for yourself or other lovers of queer, magical stories. A refreshing breath of fresh air, this novella will wrap you in its holly-laced cords and not let go until its satisfying conclusion. A beautiful new twist on magic, great plotting, and a sensitivity to characters will leave you longing for more.”
–Tiffany Trent, author of The Unnaturalists and The Tinker King

“…a beautifully-written cozy mystery with a diverse cast and an undercurrent of magic that runs deep –through religion and tradition, found family and a quirky Christmas song.”
-Andrea Marks-Joseph, Love in Panels

“…a gentle, magical, joyous and utterly queer story.”
Writing and Coe

“…a wonderfully queer novella that reminds you it’s really about the family you make for yourself.”

“…reading this made me feel very cozy and also like dying my hair as a Pride flag.”
–Kate Nepveu, Outside of a Dog

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