One of the ways that Wikipedia tells people about local events (eg meetups, editing workshops) is by targeted messages displayed to users in local areas. This relies on geolocating users' IP addresses, but historically this has had problems in the UK - anecdotally, a lot of users locate to a town in a different county, which can make advertising local events difficult.

At the moment, we don't have much firm data on this - does it affect certain areas worse than others? How big is the usual error? This page tries to research the problem by getting a sample of locations and seeing how accurate they are. Hopefully, it'll allow us to target messages more effectively and avoid being too broad.

Wikimedia GeoIP results

This data is obtained from a public server - - which checks your IP address and reports where it is believed to be located.


Please note that this form will only record the information asked for (plus the date and time of submission). Your IP address and personally identifying information will not be collected, and it will not be possible to match the locations to individuals. Please contact andrew [at] with any questions.