Freedom of Information

In 2005, as part of my MSc studies, I produced a study on Freedom of Information laws as they existed internationally, and discussed how they affected universities. Whilst the latter part of this research is of somewhat limited interest to anyone who isn't me, a side-effect was producing a list of the currently active Freedom of Information legislation in all countries worldwide.

This was quite a superficial study - it does not cover local legislation, or pay a great deal of attention to whether or not these laws exist solely on paper. However, it is about a year more recent than the previous fully international study - David Banisar's excellent Freedom of Information and Access to Government Record Laws Around the World [nb: PDF file], updated May 2004 - and identifies laws in sixty-seven countries as opposed to the 2004 study's fifty-seven. It may, therefore, be of some interest as a starting-point for further research.

This table is extracted from the main study, and gives the major legislation in each country. (Sources may be found in the main document). Where legislation is known not to exist, this is explicitly noted.

The main study itself, Freedom of Information and Universities: a brief international survey, 2005, is here [nb: PDF file].

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