Election timetables

April 5th, 2010 by

This is an interesting little document.

If the election is called tomorrow morning for 6 May – which, finally, it looks like it will be – then this lays out the notional timetable of significant events during the next month.

  • 20 April – last day to register to vote or request a postal vote; also, the last day to nominate yourself as a candidate.
  • 27 April – last day to apply for a proxy vote
  • …unless you get knocked down walking to the polling station in the morning; you can apply for an emergency proxy vote for medical reasons as late as 5pm on polling day

For the local elections, the deadlines are the same; 20 April to get on the register or get a postal vote, 27 April for proxy requests, and polling on 6 May.

Go forth and register!


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